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Buono a sapersi...  For further informations about travel documents please consult the relevant page of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at the following address (in Italian only):


  • Identity card

    Unlike EU countries, identity cards are not issued by the Italian Embassy in Jordan. 
  • Passport

 Important notice

Starting from 26th June 2012 the Italian minors will be able to travel only if they hold an individual travel document. Therefore, starting from that date, minors should have their own individual passport even if they are registered in the passport of their parents or in case the countries through which they passed recognize and accept the validity of the identity card or any other equivalent document for expatriates.

 The Italian passport is an identity document that allows its bearer to travel to all the countries recognized by the Italian government. According to the new regulations, The validity of the Italian passport is 10 years from the date of issue and cannot be extended upon expiration. 

The maximum validity period varies with the age of the passport holder:
  • For minors up to the age of 3 years, passports are issued for a period of 3 years.
  • between 3 and 18 years of age: 5 years of validity
The requirements for the issue of an ordinary passport are as follows:

  • Passport request form,
  • identification document,
  • two recent and identical colour  passport photos 35 x 40mm in size (frontal view),
  • residence permit or justification of residence in the jurisdiction,
  • the expired passport,
  • consent form of the other parent of children under the age of 18. 
    Italian law requires that applicants who have children under the age of 18 need the written consent of the other parent of those children regardless of the marital status of the applicant. 
    The parent signing the consent must also supply a photocopy of his/her photo-I.D
    .  The signature of a non-EU parent must be authenticated by the consular office.

    N.B. For an Italian residing abroad to obtain a passport, it is necessary to be registered in the AIRE of an Italian municipality, has his/her anagrafe information been updated and it is compulsory to obtain the "NULLA OSTA" (clearance) of the Office (Italian Consulate or Police Commissary) authorised for the area in which he/she resides.

    An Italian citizen abroad can request the issuance of a passport even if non-resident, but in that case he/she should wait for  the case should wait for “NULLA OSTA" (clearance)  and delegation from the competent office. 

    THEFT OR LOSS OF PASSPORT (residents abroad)

 The citizen must go to Consular Chancellery with the following documentation:

• declaration of theft or loss of passport filed at the local police authority;
• valid ID with photo;
• residence permit or justification of residence in the jurisdiction.

THEFT OR LOSS OF PASSPORT (non-residents abroad)

 For Italian citizens who find themselves in an emergency situation – e.g. a tourist in transit who must leave unexpectedly or who loses or is robbed of his/her passport – and has no time to obtain the required authorization to issue a new passport (booklet), the Consular Chancellery issues a travel document called ETD (Emergency Travel Document), valid only for the return trip to the country of permanent residence abroad. 
In order to obtain this, the following documents must be submitted:

• declaration of theft or loss of passport filed at the local police authority;
• 2 recent photographs (identical, full face and in color format 35x40 mm);
• original airline ticket with confirmed departure date;
• identification document.

Stolen or lost passports which are recovered by local authorities are routinely delivered to the Embassy and can be delivered back to their owners.

Therefore those who have recently suffered a passport theft or loss within this consular jurisdiction and want to make sure if their passports have been found, are invited to contact this Consulate by:  
  • telephone at the number