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Cooperazione allo sviluppo


Cooperazione allo sviluppo

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                                                                                                         Last update on April, 18th, 2012

The Italian Cooperation in Jordan
The cooperation for development between Italy and Jordan has a long tradition dated back to 1965, year of the first Cooperation for Development Framework Agreement between the two countries.
However, it’s starting from the ‘80s that the Italian assistance to Jordan acquires a concrete role evolving from a technical collaboration to a cultural, social and economic-financial cooperation.
The Memorandum of Understanding signed in Amman on November 1983 set the financing conditions for the triennium 1984-86, with an amount equivalent to 10 millions of US dollars in donation and 50 millions in aid credit. While the grants were immediately used, the credit funds were invested till the end of the ‘80s on projects of relevant impact and sustainability in the mining, thermoelectric and the health sectors developed in collaboration with both local and Italian enterprises.
A new bilateral agreement, signed in Rome on June 13th 1991, renovated the technical financial assistance to the Hashemite Kingdom for a total of 25 millions of Euros in grant and 39 as aid credit.
The ‘90s are characterized by a wider spectrum of programs and the funds, indeed, were used for vocational training, education, health, water, finance and food initiatives. Other projects of major importance were the health interventions in Karak Governorate (renovation of health services, construction of Karak Hospital and the training of clinical trainers – 7 millions of Euros) and the water ones in the Greater Municipality of Amman (designing and partial realization of the water network for 17.6 millions of Euros), followed by a second phase of requalification for an amount of 7.4 million Euros.

*     *     *

The new program for bilateral cooperation for the triennium 2000-2002, endorsed with the Memorandum of Understanding of January 25th 2000, sets the Italian intervention according to the priorities identified by the Hashemite government in the water, environment, health, poverty alleviation and economic reform sectors. The Memorandum recognizes the importance of the NGOs role in the socio-economic development, and it supports their active participation in the field, with higher focus on the poverty alleviation and the role of women in the Jordanian society. Within this  operational framework, Italy committed in funding ten projects for a total amount of 88 millions of Euros (5 millions in donation and 83 as credit for assistance), 45% of which are dedicated to the water-environmental sector.

In the second half of 2007, indicative of the commitment and determination of Italy to closely collaborate with the Jordanian Government, the Italian Cooperation established a resident office in Amman. The presence of the Italian Cooperation for Development Office at the Embassy of Italy in Amman allowed developing and further consolidating the relation between the two countries. This allowed a deeper and focused analysis of the sectors of intervention and the social context in Jordan, guaranteeing, therefore, programs with higher quality.

*     *     *

During 2010, the Cooperation for Development Office and the Italian Embassy in Amman have negotiated with local authorities, in particular with the Ministry of Finance, the establishment of a Debt Conversion Agreement between the two countries, signed on May 22nd, 2011. The Agreement provides for the conversion of an amount of the Jordanian debt equivalent to 16 million Euros in present value. These resources can be used now in Jordan for the implementation of development cooperation projects agreed between the two parties, in fields of mutual interest, including, socio-economic development and environmental protection.

The Agreement, which entered into force on February 7th, 2012, provides for the establishment of a Joint Management Committee, whose task is to identify and agree on projects, review the progress and verify the expenditure.
This program aims to contribute to the implementation of cooperation policy between Italy and Jordan and it demonstrates the continuity of the Italian Government commitment in supporting the efforts of the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan aimed at the socioeconomic development of the population and to meet the national priorities, in particular with regard to water resources, climate change, the protection of biodiversity and the fight against desertification.

*     *     *

During 2010, negotiations were conducted between the competent authorities of both countries to define a new General Framework Agreement that will contribute to strengthening the already excellent bilateral relations of cooperation between Italy and Jordan, aimed at the achievement of the Millennium Goals, in line with the development strategies of the Kingdom. This confirms the constant interest with which Italy has always looked at Jordan, particularly in recent years, when the cooperation activities has grown both in terms of committed funds and the quality of initiatives. The signing of the new Framework Agreement will certainly bring a renewed impetus to the activities of the Italian Development Cooperation in Jordan, especially in relation to the fact that the new agreement will allow the formalization of a new Memorandum of Understanding through which will be identified the future initiatives that could be funded by the Italian government in areas of mutual interest of both countries.

*     *     *

Besides, the Government of Italy have supported the Government of Jordan in its efforts to provide better living conditions to the Palestinian Refugees living in the camps and the Iraqi guests still living within the Kingdom. The so called “Initiative of Emergency in support of Palestinian Refugees in Jordan” (IEPPG Phase I from 2009 till 2010 with an amount of 750.000 Euros grant – IEPPG Phase II from 2010 till 2011 with an amount of 880.000 Euros grant – and IEPPG Phase III from 2011 till first quarter of 2013 with an amount of 1,100,000 Euros grant) have provided the rehabilitation of a consistent part of shelters in the camps of Sukhneh, Talbieh and Jerash, together with the provision of vocational training and psychosocial support to the most vulnerable group of the community ( women, children, unemployed youth, disabled). In the fight against poverty, the Italian Cooperation, despite limited resources, have contributed in 2009-2010 also with a relief program in favor of Iraqis guest in Jordan (IRIG – Initiative in favor of Iraqis Refugees in Jordan) with an amount of 850.000 Euros grant.
The Italian Cooperation in Jordan has been active in assisting refugees since 2009 and, as a result of recent developments in the Syrian crisis, the Government of Italy is considering the opportunity to support the efforts of the Jordanian Government in dealing with the emergency situation of the neighboring Country.

*     *     *

Finally, last March 20th, 2012, the UNESCO Office in Amman and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities have signed an agreement for the impleentation of a new project aimed to guarantee the stability of the Siq of Petra, funded by the Italian Government for an amount of 1 million USD. This project has a great cultural value in an area of priority interest of the Italian Cooperation, which joins the other major programs for the Protection of World Heritage Sites supported by Italy. In Jordan, in fact, the Italian Government has been involved since late 90’ in the support of the School of Mosaic in Madaba, which has been later acknowledged as the Institute of Mosaic Arts and Restoration, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism and the Department of Antiquities.

Italy contributed also to the Project of Restoration of Qusair Amra, when in 2007 the World Monuments Funds approached the Italian government who responded favourably by assigning a grant to the project with the involvement of its Institute for Conservation and Restoration (Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione ed il Restauro) in Rome to head the team of experts who carried a series of exploratory missions starting back to 2009-2010 which included the collection of previous documentation, technical assessments, sampling, laboratory analyses.

More recently, the Italian Government has authorized the funding for the project named “Tourism Development Program for Irbid Historic City Center and Tafileh, submitted by the World Bank on the Trust Fund for Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism with an amount of 295.000 USD.

Embassy of Italy –Amman
Italian Cooperation for Development
17, Riad El Mefleh St. Jabal Amman, 5th Circle - E-mail:
Tel. +962.6 5927086 - Tel/fax: +962.6.5927089

For more information on the programs of the Italian Cooperation in Jordan, see the section below (all in Italian).