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Bilateral economic relations

The Italian economic presence in Jordan is marked by commercial exchanges more than by productive investments.

In the last two years, a sharp boost to the commercial bilateral relations was given by major promotional events such as the Jordan - Italy Business Forum in Milan (October 2009), the Economic Forum of Amman (June 2010) and several missions in 2010 (in the fields of civil nuclear energy and transports).
The bilateral trade balance is traditionally in favour of Italy.

Our exports reach to over than the 90% of the interchange total value. According to ISTAT data, taking as reference the first six months of 2011, our exportations recorded an increase of 62% in comparison with the same span of 2010, and they overcame the amount of 320 million euros, in spite of the global economic crisis.
In the same period imports stayed stable (36.2 million euros).

As a result, for the first time Italy is the first European Union supplier of Jordan with a market share of 14.2%, followed by Germany which had always been the leading supplying country.   

On a global scale, Italy is the third supplier of the Kingdom (after Saudi Arabia and China), while ranks sixth in the overall interchange computation.

The main items of our exports are represented by refined petroleum products, metals and metal products (mostly gold scraps and jewellery products), mechanical and electrical machineries and equipments.