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Visas Office


Visas Office

Here (pages 6 and 7 of the EC Decision no. 1275/2013) you'll find other useful informations about the document needed for the
main categories of visas (business, tourism, study, medical, etc.), while here you'll find a list of documents in English and Arabic concerning other kinds of visas.

The new system for the presentation of visa applications (started on Aug 1st, 2012)

The Visa Information System (started on May 10th, 2012)

New category of visas for foreigners establishing the “innovative start up" enterprises (October 1st, 2014)

What is needed and how to apply for a Schengen visa to Italy

● Before starting to prepare the application:

Consult the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at the page “Visas to enter Italy” (where you can find the official information database on visas).

Check the validity of your passport, which must expire at least three months after the visa issuance date.

Check the desired date of departure, keeping in mind that the time needed for the visa release procedure is normally from
15 to 21 days.

Check if Italy is effectively the first (or the sole) country to be visited; the Embassy can only issue visas if Italy is the entry point, or the main destination, of your trip.

Once positively verified all the above mentioned conditions, you can proceed to the collection of the documents needed for the

● Modalities for the presentation of the visa applications

Keeping in mind that the Embassy will keep on receiving and treating directly the visa applications concerning humanitarian cases, official and institutional delegations, two are the possibilities for the presentation of the visa application:

A – At the VFS’ Visa Application Centre (VAC) located in Swefie, Galleria Mall", Floor #4.

Appointments can be booked online 24/7 via the website or by telephone, from Sunday to Thursday, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, at +962 6 4001004 / 00962 79 7922221 email:

The list of the documents to be presented is available on the website at the page “VISA INFORMATION/ALL ABOUT YOUR VISA”.

The same list is also available on the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at the address
and on the Italian Embassy in Amman website at the address in the section Ambasciata_Amman/Menu/Informazioni_e_servizi/Visti/.

In order for you to save your time as well that of others, it is mandatory to prepare, assemble and handle all the documents required when you present yourself at the VFS’s counters.


B – At the Embassy, within the available slots, for those who for valid reasons do not want to avail themselves of the VFS service or for applications concerning humanitarian cases, study, official and institutional delegations.

Appointments must be booked online writing an email to the address .

As of August 1st 2012, the opening hours of the Visa Section are as follows:

Tuesday 2 PM - 3 PM Thursday 9 AM - 10 AM

Also in this case, in order for you to save your time as well that of others, it is mandatory to prepare, assemble and handle all the documents required when you present yourself at the VFS’s counters.

● What to do practically

1. go to the VFS offices or to the Italian Embassy to deposit the visa application;

1a. if at the VFS counter, follow the VFS employees’ directions.

1b. If at the Visa Counter of the Italian Embassy:

2. explain the reasons and the circumstances of your sojourn in Italy, then duly fill in and sign the visa request module (one copy only);

3. submit the following documents:

a) a recent passport-style photo;

b) your passport (remember that it must remain valid for at least 3 months from the visa application date);

c) an health insurance certificate covering at least an amount of 30.000 Euros for urgent hospital and repatriation expenses;

d) any other document in order to:

prove the reasons of your voyage;

state your social-professional status (letter from employer with position, monthly salary, beginning and end of working

demonstrate the possession of a flight ticket reservation (note that it must be a return ticket);

prove your economical means of support (see chart list) for covering the costs of your stay (e.g., a listing of your bank
current account or credit card transactions for the last six months stamped and signed by the bank, or a bank warranty;

know the address during your stay (hotel voucher, hotel reservation, invitation from an inviting host or a company).

4. Submit yourself to the collection of biometric data (fingerprints of both hands), which is mandatory for all visa
applicants under the Visa Information System - VIS - as from May 10th 2012).

For further information on the VIS system, click here.

The VIS System allows only for very limited exemptions from the obligation to submitting to the fingerprints collection: click here for a document in three languages that lists and explains these exemptions.

5. Inform if you prefer to have your passport delivered at the offices of the Alami Business Services (ABS) firm at the end of the procedure (a small fee applies).

6. Once the time needed for the procedure has elapsed, proceed to the Embassy, or the ABS offices, to get back your passport.

● Nota bene

The act of providing all the formally complete documents required for the visa application it is not in itself a warranty
that the visa will be issued.

All applications are submitted to the procedure described below, at the end of which a decision is taken as to issue, or refuse, the visa.

All documents must be submitted in original (no copies) and in English; if not in English, a translation in English must
also be supplied.

The passport must remain in office custody for the whole time period needed for the visa application treatment procedure.

Falsification of the documents, either originating from Italy or otherwise, produced in order to obtain the release of entry visas, will
always be reported by the Embassy to the Judiciary Authorities.

● Visa applications workflow

Treating visa applications, the Visa Office of the Italian Embassy applies the following procedure:

First, the application acceptability is verified against the documents provided by the applicant and the results of his/her interview.

Then a security check is made against the International Visa Network to verify that the applicant is not included in the list of persons not allowed in the Schengen area countries.

At this point, on the base of the combined outcome of the above mentioned phases, a final decision is taken about issuing or denying the visa.